2 Strategies To Stop Sugar Addiction

If there’s anything that can turn me into a (cookie) monster, it’s sugar.

Even when I was no longer binge eating, I still found myself feeling “weak” or unable to resist sweets on a regular basis (like every night).

There’s 2 things I’ve since learned about that.

One: trying to resist anything only makes it stronger and harder to resist.
Two: when I’m not eating a balance of foods, I crave sugar.

The first thing wasn’t surprising: I’d already learned that trying to resist the urge to binge would make it stronger.

But the second thing was interesting to me. I started experimenting with different types of foods and ways of approaching meals to see what worked.

For example, for 4-5 days, I’d skip breakfast and see what happened with my appetite throughout the day, eating when I got hungry. Then I’d experiment with eating breakfast as soon as I got up for another few days, again noting how that affected my overall appetite.

Then I started playing with the balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. For the longest time, I’d avoided fats and carbs in order to try to keep my weight down. (After several years of binge eating, you’d think I’d have learned that wasn’t helping anything.)

The more I ate healthy fats and whole grain carbs…the less I desired sugar. Actually, my sugar cravings stopped altogether. I realized I’d been avoiding carbs, fat or dairy (whatever diet I was trying at the time) for so long, I had missed the obvious: my diet wasn’t balanced, so I was craving the easiest energy my body could get: sugar.

I’m not here to tell you what to eat—I know you’re smart enough to experiment and figure out what works for you. But I thought it was interesting, and wanted to share my experience if it could help.

This video discusses the physical and psychological aspects of sugar addiction, plus several was I found worked for me to combat my addiction to sugar.


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