Review: Breaking Free From Emotional Eating by Geneen Roth

Breaking Free From Emotional Eating

This book landed in my life at the right time. Had it been earlier in my “recovery process”, I would have either brushed it off or tried to implement and felt more like a failure for not being able to make Geneen’s strategies work for me.

I read Geneen’s work in the middle of my eating disorder, when I was in my “chewing-and-spitting-and-sometimes-binging-purging” phase. I didn’t begin using it right away because I didn’t trust it. I didn’t think it would work. Then I started playing with her methods, and it started to work…I started to actually feel comfortable around food.

Then I went through some relationship changes, moving, and general stress of managing my business. And I slowly sunk back into my old habits.

I feel like I flirted with Geneen’s methods for about 9 months, off and on. Along the way, I connected with Jena La Flamme and her Pleasurable Weight Loss program. I read some books by Mama Gina. And I started one-on-one in depth coaching with one of the ballsiest, audacious, loving women I know, Sacha Lalla.

Because I had read Geneen’s book, the work from these other women complimented the general message. I kept circling back to the same philosophy, but through different messengers.

Different approaches work for different people. I think this worked for me because, deep down Geneen’s philosophy is in accordance with my own. I wanted to be my own authority. I didn’t want to go to some counselor or psychologist, because in my heart of hearts, I knew I had the strength and intelligence to recover from my horrible relationship with food on my own.

I guess finally I wanted it bad enough to give this a try. I didn’t tell myself I had to do this forever. I started in small steps: I would try it for a day. Then another day. Then a week.

I feel blessed to have been able to examine something so fundamental, and transform what was a problem to a benefit. I’ve read several of Geneen’s books now and enjoyed each of them, but this one was the one that got me on the path.

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