34 Ideas For Using Food In Other Ways

I find it fascinating to explore new ways to use food as part of the journey of creating a new relationship with it. This has become a random hobby of mine, to learn recipes for making body scrubs, lotions and soaps using all-natural ingredients. It’s a fun hobby to make gifts. I also find that the all-natural products I create work just as well, if not better, than the expensive products I have poured money into.


Here’s a list of 34 different foods and alternative ways to use them:



1. Oatmeal can be used for a facemask and scrubs. Oats contains gluten that whisks away dead cells making skin smooth and supple.




banana-skin2. Banana peels can be useful in many ways because they are full of antioxidants. Applying the inner portion of banana peels to your face alone can help you brighten and tone your skin. Dry skin? The vitamins and minerals in banana peel can help you get rid of dry and dull skin by locking in moisture. Acne? The enzymes in banana peel can help get rid of not only acne, but dark blemishes as well. Wrinkles? No problem! The antioxidants in banana peel will help hydrate and promote supple youthful skin.




3. Lemon with its citrus smell can be used as deodorant because it keeps the skin smooth & germ-free. It can also be rubbed over areas of rough skin to remove dead skin cells.




4. Use Salt for exfoliation. It can be combined with other extracts like coconut or olive oil to lessen it’s rough texture, then rubbed on the skin.





5. Have you tried applying Mayonnaise on your hair as a moisturizer? (I also like coconut oil…it just feels a little better to put coconut oil on my hair instead of mayo.)




Baking Soda

6. Baking soda added with a teaspoon of water can be mixture of an alternative whitening toothpaste as well as an exfoliating scrub for your face, especially if you have oily skin.




7. Treat yourself with a natural honey facial spa to rejuvenate your skin. You can combine with avocado and a cooked carrot to make a moisturizing face mask.





8. Cucumbers are not just great to reduce puffiness of the eyes but it can also be good for the skin.




Egg Yolk

9. Egg yolks are great for moisturizing the face. You can rub egg whites on your face and leave for 10-15 minutes. Pores are minimized and eye puffiness is reduced.



Orange Peel

10. Orange peels can be used as a raw material for making biodegradable plastics. A little grounded or dried peel can also be used in a bath to stimulate the skin. You can also rub a peel on your skin before going outside to repel mosquitoes.




11. Put Onions on your socks to draw out toxins as it absorbs this harmful substance when it’s placed under your feet. You can make a face mask out of it to draw toxins from your skin.




12. Did you know that Garlic is used as a natural remedy in removing acne? You can use to purify pores or to rid yourself from blackheads.




13. A natural Avocado mask cleanses, soothes and replenishes dry skin to make you look smooth and vibrant.




14. Papayas are widely used among beauty products because it contains enzymes that help renew dead skins. You can mash a papaya with avocado, a bit of honey and oats to make a nourishing facial mask.



Apple Vinegar

15. To help fight skin fungus or yeast, use Apple cider vinegar. It can also relieve sunburn and bug bites, lower blood pressure and work as a skin toner.




Coconut Oil

16. Coconut Oils are amazing for clearing away dead skin cells. You can use it to make natural scrubs by combining with oats. You can also coat your unwashed hair in coconut oil, leave on for an hour, and then shampoo your hair. This will leave your hair deeply conditioned and soft. Coconut oil can be used to remove makeup, as well. After rubbing on skin, you can gently wipe off. The oil leaves your skin soft and moisturized.


Ground Coffee

17. Ground coffee is not just for drinking, it also help eradicate cellulite and exfoliate dry skin.




Cayenne Pepper

18. For those people who are going bald, Cayenne pepper is an organic solution for promoting hair growth.





19. Strawberries are natural beauty treatment for acne because it contains antibacterial properties.





20. Extracting the juice of Cilantro and applying this on scalp before shampooing promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss.




21. Celery not only can help in loosing fats but it also acts as an acne killer. It can also calm the nervous system and help eliminate bad breath.




22. Spinach when applied to face for 20 minutes clears out acne, working immediately after use. You can make a lovely mask out of honey, spinach and lemon juice.




23. A carrot facial scrub revives dead skin leaving it fresh and firm.




Olive Oil
24. Getting prep to have a glowing skin for the beach? Use olive oil instead of your usual pampering lotion on your skin.





25. Say goodbye to warts by crushing oregano leaves and applying directly on infected skin.





26. Pumpkin is not just for Cinderella but it is also for your healthy glowing skin.




27. Get a glowing face with peaches: make a peach paste by combining with yogurt. When applied to skin leaves it a supple and glowing effect.





28. Mushroom extracts help lighten age spots and even out skin tone.





29. Leftover Kiwi can still be useful, just combine it with yogurt and apply to skin to have the smooth effect.




Basil30. Tender Basil leaves boiled with tea are used as treatment for those who have high fever.




31. Soak almonds overnight in milk. Then toss the almonds into your food processor. Mix with honey to make a nourishing mask to help with wrinkles. Or, instead of soaking, toss dry almonds into food processor. Once it’s powdered, use it as facial scrub.



32. Milk is often the main ingredient when it comes to lotion and body wash. Wonder why? Try this. Use a cotton to apply milk on the skin. Let it dry and leave it overnight. You’ll see a difference once you rinse it with warm water.



33. Chocolate? Yes, you can use it on your skin too. Just combine it with sea salt brown sugar and milk. You can now enjoy this heavenly aroma on your chocolaty face mask.




34. Any type of pure fruit juice can also be an organic facial cleanser. Just put a few drops of lemon squeeze and honey and you can use as a foaming cleanser to remove dirt on your face.






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