2 Quick Tricks To Eat Less

Want a quick trick to help you feel like you’re getting a lot of food without eating gigantic portions?

Using this trick in combination with understanding how my brain works when it comes to food cravings has helped me to feel like I’m not limiting and restricting my portions (which will eventually set me up for failure when my animal brain takes over and decides it hates being restricted all the time). When I use smaller plates, I feel like I have more on my plate even if it’s the same amount. If I use a large plate, that same portion looks smaller and I add more to the plate to compensate.

Richard Wiseman explains this with a neat visual effect in this 60-second video.

Here he explains how studies show we pour 30% more liquid into short, fat glasses instead of tall, thin ones.

This is another trick that  helps when I want to keep myself nudged in the right direction.

When we see ourselves in a mirror, we become more self-conscious…which can draw our attention to what we’re doing. Eating in front of a mirror is uncomfortable for me, so if I feel like I’m going to finish off the entire carton of ice cream when I’m by myself…I sit down in front of a mirror as I eat. On one hand, it’s uncomfortable and on the other, it is distracting enough that my mind can break out of the shovel-food-into-mouth autopilot mode.


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