Take advantage of years of trial and error Chelsea went through to learn how to be successful in overcoming binge eating and transforming her relationship with food. Check out her program catalog pumped with new ideas, distinctions and techniques that deliver results. These ideas are unconventional and straight-forward, providing a new approach to finding freedom with food.

beb-ebook-smBinge Eating Breakthrough eBook

Learn the foundation of Chelsea's teachings. Exact steps, mindset shifts and specific directions to help you be more successful with overcoming overeating and binge eating - even if you've tried a hundred other things.

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FFAF-full-program-graphicFeel Free Around Food Program

Here's you'll get intensive training that takes the principles from the Binge Eating Breakthrough eBook even further. The program provides explanations, examples and step-by-step techniques for overcoming binge eating and creating a life-long transformation.

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