You’re Not Alone: Elton John on Overcoming His Uphill Battle

Elton John and his band perform at Holkham HallElton John revealed a couple years ago his uphill battle with both substance abuse and binging and purging.

He states that admitting he needed help was the “best thing (he) ever did.”

In a USA Today Interview, John revealed how he lost 60-70 friends to AIDs in the 1980s. He became lost in a haze of cocaine and alcohol combined with binge eating and purging and a monstrous temper.

He was “out of control,” John writes in his book. “I was going to change, or I was going to die.”

After the death of a friend and his partner leaving him to go to rehab, he shut himself in his house and snorted cocaine for a week. Then he decided to go visit his partner in rehab, and his partner confronted him with the long list of John’s addictions that he hadn’t been dealing with. He finally entered rehab and has been sober ever since.  he overcame his addictions and turned his energy towards raising awareness and funds for AIDs foundations in the USA and Britain.



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