What I Learned About Overcoming Binge Eating from Interviewing James Clear

I had the pleasure of interviewing entrepreneur, weightlifter and photographer James Clear this week. James has a blog where he writes extensively about habits: breaking bad habits, creating new ones, staying motivated, getting over procrastination, etc.

I stumbled on his blog about 6 weeks ago as I was researching habit-forming. Because I feel so strongly that by understanding the way our brains work and how we’ve “wired” them to turn to things like food on a regular basis (for various reasons), I was fascinated by James’ practical approach to transforming habits.

James says on his site, “Like you, I’m battling to become better and trying to put a small dent in my corner of the universe. I write about the struggle that we all face to become better leaders, better workers, and better people — and how improving our health can help us do that.”

In our interview, James described characteristics he’s noticed from studying people that successfully implement healthy new habits into their lives. One significant characteristic is that successful people often begin working on establishing a new habit before they feel completely ready to. “If you’re working on something important, then you’ll never feel ready,” he says. These people take action immediately rather than procrastinating or finding reasons why now isn’t the right time.

He continued to share that one thing that makes taking action immediately easier is to focus on baby steps. He explained how anyone, regardless of their goals, can learn how to stop procrastinating by using the “Seinfeld Strategy”. The “Seinfeld Strategy” is a useful tip put forward by successful comedian, Jerry Seinfeld that involves completing a small task everyday and marking it down. Each day, you make a mark on your calendar when you do the thing you wanted to do–and after a few days of this, it becomes a game to make sure you don’t break the chain.

James has a free report on  his site called “Transform Your Habits” where he explains the science of how your brain processes habits, and how to reverse bad habits while learning new, helpful ones. James emphasized the importance of developing a stronger identity and believing in yourself…which I’ve found comes after successfully implementing new habits.

In my experience, when you successfully take a baby steps, day after day, it helps you build a stronger belief in yourself to be able to do what you say you want to do. You teach yourself that you can be relied on. Your old beliefs about yourself as someone that has no control, is weak, or is a failure begin to dissolve. As the new habit grows and old beliefs fall away, it becomes easier and easier to transform yourself.

You can sign up and download James’ free report, “Transform Your Habits” on his website: http://jamesclear.com/


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