The Breakthroughs That Led Me To Overcoming Binge Eating

“I can’t stop eating”…I had those thoughts hundreds of thousands of times over the years. It felt like someone else would take over my body when I got the urge to eat when I wasn’t hungry, almost always with food that had sugar or refined carbs.

In this video, I share about my barriers to overcoming binge eating. I also describe how I began viewing my compulsion from another angle, which led me to developing new awareness and recovering on my own.

Watch “I Can’t Stop Eating – My Breakthroughs Around Overcoming Overeating” on YouTube

If you want to learn how to break through your habit of overeating or binge eating, my Binge Eating Breakthrough ebook is for you. You'll learn powerful tools and distinctions to be able to understand and overcome your urges to eat more than you want. You'll also learn step-by-step strategies for managing your cravings and feeling control with food.

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