How Does Self-Criticism Affect the Way You Eat?

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In a recent post, I discussed the power of self-criticism. Self-criticism can be one of the most MASSIVE obstacles to tackle, because it underlies everything. What you’re telling yourself will determine the way you feel, the behaviors and actions you take and the words you say to others. Your “invisible scripts” shape your experience of your world.

The sneaky thing with these invisible scripts is that they are…well, invisible.

Generally, you don’t notice them. They run around in the background of your mind all day long, and occur to you like they’re real.

In this video, I share about noticing the invisible dialog and becoming aware of how it drives your thoughts, words, actions and behaviors. When you can see it, then you can get leverage on yourself. You can create new ways of responding to the invisible scripts instead of reacting as usual.

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