How to Transform Your Mood When Bad Things Happen

In these 2 videos by one of my favorite mind guys, Richard Wiseman, he offers tips for transforming your mood or emotions when bad things happen.

First, he points out a study from the University of Miami where volunteers described something bad happening in their life, and then listing one good thing that came from that bad thing. By thinking about the benefit they had gotten from the bad experience in their lives, the participants immediately started to cheer up. They mentioned things like, “I found out what really mattered in life” or other such insights that had them realize there was value in the bad experience.

Similarly, in another video, Richard talks about how forcing ourselves to smile can actually start to make us feel better. The same can happen when we force ourselves to add a beat to our step or generate enthusiasm in our voice…it triggers our brain to start to actually feel better.

I know I certainly was not thankful for my binge eating when I was in the middle of a binge or feeling overwhelmed with obsessive thoughts about food.

However, at the same time, I knew in the moment that once it passed, I would look back and try to learn from the experience.

Now I absolutely am grateful. I wouldn’t have created this website, the book or programs and wouldn’t be sharing with others to help them through their own struggles with food. Due to transforming my relationship with food, my self-esteem increased because I learned I could trust myself to do anything I put my mind to.

These quick video tips point out how we can change our state of mind—which then changes our experience of the present moment—by learning how to utilize our mental resources. We can change our thoughts, which change our actions…or vice versa. We can change our actions, which change our thoughts.

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