Being Interviewed About Binge Eating on the Personality Hacker Podcast

Antonia Dodge and Joel Mark Witt, co-creators of Personality Hacker, recently invited me on their podcast to talk about the mind-body connection in relation to binge eating.

triune-brain-theoryI shared my personal experience and what I’ve learned working with others around what happens in our minds when we feel compelled to eat, especially in situations when we overeat or binge. We discussed the relationship between our thoughts, bodies and emotions as well as our “animal brain”, a term taken from the triune brain theory.

We talked about the processes I’ve used and teach to be able to re-establish a congruent relationship between our parts: our minds, our emotions and our bodies. When all three are playing on the same team, we don’t have conflict that comes from binging and then feeling ashamed or frustrated afterward…only to repeat the same pattern over and over again.

Click here to go to Personality Hacker to listen to this 45-minute juicy interview:


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