quote-tip "What you've shared here is vulnerable, real and practical. It makes sense. I find myself  enjoying and considering what I am putting in my mouth in a way I completely ignored before."
- Sandy O., Washington, DC

“I Eat Weird”
How to Stop Binge Eating and
Become Free From a Life Lived In Calories

This book takes the guesswork out of how to stop compulsive overeating with a counter-intuitive approach. The book explains the simple yet effective way to re-create your relationship with food.

There are hundreds of other websites promoting support around emotional and binge eating, promising support. As amazing as many of them are, it can be difficult to find an outline of the exact steps to take to give you an edge over your struggle with food.

I’ve discovered a unique way to use a combination of techniques to help you through the relentless drive of binge eating. This book demonstrates how I use these techniques and a new mindset to break through the trap of food addiction.

If you've read my other eBook, Binge Eating Breakthrough, this book is a compliment that shares more of my personal story as I re-designed my relationship with food.