Learn How to Feel Free Around Food and
Never Be Worried About "Blowing It" Again

I’ll get straight to the point… Since you’re reading this page, then I imagine that your relationship with food is not making you happy.

I’ve designed a training program to help you transform your eating habits, without needing professional help or some new diet regimen.

This program helps you utilize the mental resources you already have to overcome overeating and binge eating.

How can you really overcome binge eating with a simple program?

This program is designed from someone that battled for 16 years with food...I am intimately familiar with the desperation, self-depreciation and complete frustration of trying to feel in control around food.

Have you ever had this happen to YOU?

  • You were socializing with friends at a restaurant, trying your best to focus on conversation and not the food. You ate a "normal" amount of food...but when you got home, you caved and ate a whole lot more when no one was around.
  • You were eating with your partner, but once they left or went to sleep...you came back down to eat more when they couldn't see you so you didn't feel embarrassed.
  • You were "good" all day with eating...only to lose control at night and eat way more than you intended to.
  • You watched a thin person order a hamburger and fries and top it off with an ice cream, and they looked completely nonchalant about it. You wonder why it never worked that way for you...you've always had to be really careful about what you eat to stay in control.
  • You're with friends or family, supposedly enjoying a social activity...and all you can think about is getting home later to eat.
  • You're a master of experimenting with various diets or substituting "less harmful" foods (i.e. sugar-free, gluten-free or fat-free packaged foods) to hopefully make up for going overboard.
  • You don't really have anyone close to you that you can share with...it seems like no one around you obsesses or struggles with food as much as you do.
  • You often get pumped about trying a new diet, purchase all the "right" foods and follow it perfectly for a few days...then a week later, find yourself weakening and falling back to your old routines.
quote-tip "I just wanted to tell you how much I admire the standards you have brought to your site, videos and teachings. In my own experience, I was always failing with diets. A lot of people don't get it when it comes to giving advice. They often say things like, 'just brush your teeth and you won't want to eat' or 'journal when you feel like you want to eat'. That stuff doesn't help when I have monster cravings that have taken over all rational thought...my animal brain as you call it. I thank you for this information and your program."
- Kera M.

The Big Secret of Binge Eating

Here's the big secret: binge eating isn't a sign of being "weak" or "out of control" or having "no willpower."

What is it, then?

It's a response triggered by the primal part of your brain, often called your "animal" brain. This response is a reaction due to the primal part of your brain feeling stressed or in survival mode.

Your primal or "animal" brain is designed to do one thing: keep you alive. It will do WHATEVER it needs to do to get you to be safe and alive when it thinks you're under threat.

In other words, if it thinks it's under threat of not getting food, it will rationalize anything in order to get you to eat. Your cravings and thoughts of food will consume your attention until you cave in.

Once you've "caved in" a few times in response to your animal brain's urges...you've now started to form a habit.

The Difference Between Those Who Battle for Years With Food and the Ones Who TRANSFORM Their Relationship With Eating

For the last couple years, I've been spending a LOT of time studying the brain, psychology and motivation while also interviewing, watching and getting to know people that have successfully overcome intense battles with food, dieting and binging.

As I got deeper and deeper into this and really started to learn how and why our brains work, I began to realize that what I was dealing with was a mind issue, not an issue of being "weak" around certain foods.

It was more than simply knowing what to eat or getting another diet regimen to follow.

It was knowing how things worked on a deeper level, in your mind.

The more I learned, the faster I transformed my relationship with food. I no longer obsessed, stressed or fought myself trying to avoid overeating. The more I shared what was working for me through my Binge Eating Breakthrough eBook, the more I heard that it was working for others, too.

That's when I realized I needed to create something deeper - a program that would go into DETAIL and explain more of the mysteries behind what drives our compulsions and obsessions in a way that I haven't seen anyone else do before.

In the Feel Free Around Food Program, you'll discover:

  • The anxiety and tension you experience with food will disappear
  • You'll be prepared when you feel urges to overeat in the future, knowing how to handle them successfully
  • A feeling of freedom and relief around food will replace the self-deprecating thoughts that make things worse
  • You'll know how to set goals and powerfully achieve them instead of repeating your old behavior
  • You'll learn how to "get leverage on yourself" instead of beating yourself up with guilt and shame

How The Feel Free Around Food Program Works

Feel Free Around Food is an
online audio training program designed to
guide you through breaking your binge eating habit
over a series of audio training sessions

FFAF-full-program-graphicTo make it easy to stop binge eating, I’ve carefully divided the curriculum into 5 modules.

Each module consists of an audio training that will present mindsets, strategies and tools to create freedom around food. The program also includes a booklet with the training materials so you can refer back whenever you want.

Along with listening to the training, you’ll have insightful exercises and downloadable PDF summary sheets  outlining key points of the session that you can print and save.

Program Bonuses

In addition to the program modules and book, you’ll get 2 bonus expert interviews where others will share what’s worked for their clients in creating breakthrough moments in the journey to find freedom with food.

You'll also get access to my Monthly Mindsets, which are discussions to give you further perspective about the topics covered in the program. I add new ones monthly.

Finally, you'll get The Full Plate series: a collection of downloadable guides to offer support in your journey.

What You'll Learn In This Program

Session 1: Being Conscious

help-stop-eatingThere are 2 words that best describe what we can do to transform our experience and behavior with eating. They are: be conscious. But what does that mean? How do these words translate into mental or physical action? If we are to practice being conscious, what should we be doing, or how should be we acting?

In this session, we’ll look first at why being conscious is at the foundation of transforming behavior. Then we’ll look at how much consciousness you bring to the different areas of your life…especially eating.

I went through this material and loved the common-sense approach. It wasn't 'woo-woo' and yet it give me another way to see what I've been doing with food...or whatever I'm in conflict with...it was fascinating to learn how I'm motivated. I can see how this can help in the future and I'll keep your book to refer back to. Thank you." Kate S.

Session 2: Attitude Into Action

Obviously having a positive mental attitude and being inspired as you work on making changes in your lifehelp-me-stop-binge-eating gives you a huge advantage.

But in this session, I want to emphasize another aspect because I feel it’s easy to get trapped when you get pumped up for new goals. Maybe in the past you’ve gotten excited about a new diet, a new exercise plan, new book or some other new “shiny thing” that you’re sure will change everything! Then…a week or two later, you’re disappointed and dismayed that nothing really changed.

We’ll talk about why this happens and a direct, improved way to create your goals so that you’re clear on exactly what do to to get what you want.

In this session, we’ll look first at why being conscious is at the foundation of transforming behavior. Then we’ll look at how much consciousness you bring to the different areas of your life…especially eating.

Session 3: Getting Leverage On Yourself

“How do you get leverage on yourself?”

All of us have been in a situation where we want to do something, we’re capable of doing it, but we’re not doing it. Why does this happen? And why does it happen to so many of us so often?help-me-stop-binging

In this session, we’ll dig deep into understanding what’s happening within ourselves when we’re in conflict like this. For example, you might think, “Part of me wants to eat this…but the other part of me knows I shouldn’t…”. These conflicting thoughts can monopolize your esteem and energy, which makes it more inevitable that you’ll “cave” into the old patterns of behavior instead of creating new ones.

You’ll discover a new perspective for managing these internal dilemmas so that they no longer create tension and zap your energy. You’ll also learn strategies that will empower you to handle these situations successfully.

I just recently invested $297 on a weightloss product and it didn't do a thing for me I needed something to follow that's simple and I couldn't find anything that was useful...I guess I had been looking too hard. But then I found your information to be helpful and easy to understand but also really insightful, I just want to thank you for what you are doing with this." Elizabeth M.

Session 4: Our System Of Parts

The next thing to get leverage on ourselves is to understand that our parts form a system.

In session 4, we’ll start by looking at systems: systems are all around us, from the system ofhelp-me-stop-overeating planets in our universe to the government system you live within to ecosystems in nature and the system of your body.

We’ll discuss the theories and “rules” about systems in order to understand why it can be hard to motivate ourselves or stick to a new habit when we’re trying to break an old one.

Then, we’ll look at why we humans do things. We essentially do things for one of 2 reasons: to get something we want or to avoid something we don’t want.

Knowing what motivates you and how to stay motivated is a major tool for self-leverage. When you’re feeling stressed or unhappy with yourself, you can lean into the strategies in this session to help you get back on track to getting exactly where you want to go.

Session 5: Noticing And Allowing

In this session, we’ll review what we’ve learned about our minds, behaviors and motivations. Then, we’ll review the foundation of the Binge Eating Breakthrough method for overcoming urges to binge or overeat, and discuss this based on what we’ve covered so far in the program.help-me-stop-eating-so-much

Having the understanding from the previous sessions will give a context to the steps in this method. You’ll be able to understand your motivations and urges in a new way, like looking at your thoughts with a new set of glasses. No longer will you feel powerless against your urges to eat more than you want, because you’ll know exactly what to do. The more you implement the strategies from this program, the easier it gets to have leverage on yourself.

The mind tools and strategies from this program will transform the way you react to and act on your thoughts. As you learn new ways to manage your relationship with food, you’ll build confidence and self-esteem. You’ll feel secure knowing you can handle any situation…which will continue to build your self-esteem…which will give you freedom around food.

Feel Free Around Food Program Bonuses

Bonus Interview with Antonia Dodge

In this interview, I talk with Antonia Dodge, co-founder and owner of Personality Hacker. I met with Antonia to discuss personality tendencies and, whether or not certain people have a predisposition to turn to addiction or body related issues when stressed.ffaf-bonus-1

According to Antonia, there are 2 personality types that have a greater tendency to turn to binge eating or have body image issues. Although not all people who suffer from binge eating fit into these 2 categories, Antonia offers several exercises and techniques that can help those with these personality types to cope with their disorders.

Understanding your personality type and tendencies can help you to overcome challenges and meet goals because it can teach you to be aware of your blind spots, or areas in which you are not as strong.

Antonia explains that all people are born with extraordinary strengths and, likewise, we all have our “shadow” areas that oppose the areas of our genius.

Bonus Interview with James Clear

In this interview, I meet with writer, photographer, and entrepreneur James Clear. We discuss common ffaf-bonus-2mistakes that often trip people up when they’re trying to establish a new habit as well as how to avoid boredom, overcome procrastination and employ the “Jerry Seinfeld Strategy” for success with making new habits.

James Clear is a weight lifter, entrepreneur, and travel photographer. He uses the knowledge that he has acquired with his own experiments and working with others to help them achieve their goals.

James describes habits he’s noticed that successful people often share. He discusses how successful people often begin a project before they feel completely prepared to do it. “If you’re waiting for the ‘right’ time to come when you’ll feel prepared and then take action…you’ll never feel ready.”

We also touch upon effective strategies for avoiding common mistakes while trying to achieve goals, the science of how your brain processes habits, and how to reverse bad habits while learning new, helpful ones.

Mindset Trainings

The Mindset Trainings (new ones added each month) will focus on different angles affecting your relationship with food with action steps to give you the support and confidence you need to make big changes.

These audio trainings are available to listen directly from your browser, or to download and save to your computer.


"The Full Plate" Guides

You will also get all issues of The Full Plate, a monthly PDF guide to give you food for thought (new ones added monthly). You’ll read stories from others, get tips and insights as well as mental, physical and emotional exercises to experiment with.


"It's funny, I feel like I've tried everything but when I sit down at the end of the day I have hardly any time to myself...and then I just eat, especially if I'm alone. I have done that for years now. This weekend was the first time in recent memory when that didn't happen thanks to this program. I feel like there's a whole new world ahead now."

- Gulia B.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe the product?

Feel Free Around Food provides a way for people that have been struggling with binge eating or compulsive overeating to discover new perspectives and learn new strategies to be able to overcome their habit. Using their own mental resources, people can find relief from behavior that has had them feeling trapped or out of control up until now.

What’s unique and special about this product?

Feel Free Around Food doesn’t take a conventional approach. All programs, products and books from Binge Eating Breakthrough focus on how the mind works, I.e. how we form habits, the different parts of our brain and becoming conscious of our urges and reactions, in order to reinvent a new relationship with food.

Whereas conventional therapy often relies on analyzing triggers, journaling and looking in depth at the past to understand why we eat the way we do, Binge Eating Breakthrough focuses on the present and action that can be taken right now to get results.


What big benefit does Feel Free Around Food provide?

Unlike some programs that focus on making different food choices or “getting busy” with other activities to avoid indulging in overeating, Feel Free Around Food approaches the problem head on.

The Feel Free Around Food program is designed to get you through tough moments and be able to powerfully choose exactly what you want to eat without feeling powerless to stop.

Will I have lifetime access if I purchase the digital product (the silver or platinum packages)?

Yes. You will be given a username and password with lifetime access to your private member area to download and review the program materials.

Do I need a Paypal account to check out?

No, that isn't necessary. While checkout does go through Paypal, you can check out with a credit card if you do not have a Paypal account.

100% No-Risk Guarantee

You can purchase the Feel Free Around Food program, and if after you have gone through the program and feel you didn’t feel you found anything to be interesting or useful and you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund within 7 days of your purchase.