Feel Free Around Food & Create Control,
Satisfaction and Peace With Eating

If you feel stuck with regularly overeating or binge eating, I will show you
how to find freedom with food in 6 weeks or less...

I'll get straight to the point... Since you're reading this page, then I image that your relationship with food is not making you happy. You don't how how to fix it, and you're ready to get real help.

I've designed an online program to help you fix your eating habits, without needing professional help or some new diet regimen.

Within 6 weeks:

  • You'll enjoy parties and dining out, knowing you can order anything and not go overboard
  • Thoughts of food and eating will stop consuming your mind
  • You'll feel in control, pleasured and satisfied around food
  • Food will no longer be a tool for comfort or stress relief
  • You'll know how to manage yourself in the future if you feel like you can't stop eating
  • Your body will relax around food, decreasing the production of stress hormones and stimulating your metabolism
  • You'll discover how to look forward to moving your body and playing daily
  • Indulging and treating yourself will become a regular, delightful part of your day
  • Other people that feel trapped around food will feel inspired by you
  • You'll feel proud eating around other people and won't think twice about enjoying your food

Feel Free Around Food Is an Online Training Program
Delivered Over 6 Weeks

To make it easy to stop binge eating, Feel Freedom Around Food is an online training program which includes 6 weekly 60-minute coaching calls.  Each week, you’ll receive a new set of training materials that you’ll listen to and download in the private members area of this website.

Every week, you’ll download audio training that will present mindsets, strategies and tools to create freedom around food.

Along with listening to the training, you’ll have insightful exercises and techniques included with a weekly exercise workbook outlining key points of the session that you can print and save.

Then, each week we’ll jump on a 60-minute group coaching call together so you can get personal feedback on your questions and get the support you need to create a new relationship with food.

  • 1

    Session One: Your Trust Circle

    Feeling alone without support when you're making changes in your life can sabotage your success. Session One begins with cultivating a circle of people you can trust, and setting up your environment for success.

  • 2

    Session Two: Identifying Patterns

    When you "zoom out" and look at your responses and behaviors around food, you become objective and start to see patterns. Your awareness then becomes a powerful tool for change.

  • 3

    Session Three: The Breakthrough Mindset

    Because actions often follow thoughts, you need to start with creating a new mindset that can reshape your actions and behaviors. This session will offer perspectives and tools for doing that.

  • 4

    Session Four: Primal vs. Emotional Motivation

    Though are lives are full of relationships, careers, families, travel, cars, technology, socializing, etc...we're primal beings that have basic needs that must be met daily to survive. With the pace, abundance and distraction of the modern world, it's easy to lose touch with primal hunger and eat as an automatic reaction. This session will help you identify your primal and emotional drives so you can nurture them each effectively.

  • 5

    Session Five: Disarming the Comparison Monster

    Comparing yourself to others is not only a trap, it can undermine any progress and send you straight back to misery. It's all too easy to make excuses and stay stuck when your measuring stick is set outside of yourself. This session will help you break through this annoying pattern.

  • 6

    Session Six: Mastering Your Language

    Did you know that the way you talk to yourself and others shapes your experience? When you hear a description of someone prior to meeting them, it affects your first impression. Similarly, when you talk negatively to yourself, you keep yourself caged. This session will explain the power of language and how to use it effectively to get what you want.

  • 7

    Session Seven: Choosing The Best of the Best for the Best

    One of my favorite parts of the program, this session will give you specific strategies to use around food and eating from here forward. These strategies are the guiding principles that will lead you to freedom around food--while also feeling pleasured, fulfilled and nourished.

  • 8

    Session Eight: Eating Graciously and Gracefully (in Public and in Private)

    Finding freedom around food means being able to enjoy it wherever you are without feeling self-conscious or guilty. It means being able to treat yourself to an ice cream on a sunny afternoon, just because you feel like it (and stopping with one). Or going to a dinner party, delighting in exactly what you want and going home afterwards feeling like it was a victory. We'll cover exactly how to find this freedom and grace with food in your daily life.

  • 9

    Session Nine: Finding Freedom in Food (and Your Life)

    For me, overcoming my binge eating habit was one of the hardest things I've done in my life…and it gave me power and confidence in ways I hadn't expected. From speaking on stage, writing books, joining a rock climbing class and asking a guy to join me for a one night stand…many doors opened up when I stopped relating to myself like I had a problem and no sense of control with food.

  • 10

    Session Ten: Establishing a Reliable Success System

    Breaking through a binge eating habit is one thing…but knowing that you'll never return to your old behaviors is the next level of confidence. After understanding what motivates your thoughts and urges to binge, you'll have the tools to know how to handle them--forever. Once you can see it, you can't "un-see" it again. We'll review how to set yourself up for success when you feel vulnerable in future situations with food.

If you don't get control now

you'll regret it after your next binge

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