1. How would you describe your books and programs?

Binge Eating Breakthrough provides a way for people that have been struggling with binge eating or sugar addiction to discover new perspectives and learn new strategies to be able to overcome their habit. Using their own mental resources, people can find relief from behavior that has had them feeling trapped or out of control up until now.

2. What’s unique and special about this product?

Binge Eating Breakthrough doesn’t take a conventional approach. Binge Eating Breakthrough focuses on how the mind works, I.e. how we form habits or addictions, the different parts of our brain and becoming conscious of our urges, compulsions and reactions, in order to reinvent a new relationship with food.

Whereas conventional therapy often relies on analyzing triggers, journaling and looking in depth at the past to understand why we eat the way we do, Binge Eating Breakthrough focuses on the present and action that can be taken right now to get results.

3. What big benefit does Binge Eating Breakthrough provide?

Unlike some programs that focus on making different food choices or “getting busy” with other activities to avoid indulging in overeating, Binge Eating Breakthrough approaches the problem head on. Binge Eating Breakthrough’s position is that forcing change by replacing one food for another or avoiding addressing the urges to eat will only prolong the issue.

The Binge Eating Breakthrough program is designed to get you through tough moments and be able to powerfully choose exactly what you want to eat without feeling powerless to stop.

4. What features are included and what are the benefits of each?

Currently, there are 2 main offerings, with a third program in development:

Binge Eating Breakthrough eBook
– this provides the foundation of the BEB approach and gives you access to transforming your habit to utilizing your mental resources.

Feel Free Around Food program – this includes 3 CDs with training and bonus interviews as well as an accompanying book and action guide to go deeper into exploring your relationship with food and how to keep yourself on track to transforming your habit.