Binge Eating Quiz: What’s Your Eating Style?

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Habitual Restricter & Overeater (16-20 Points)

You’re a restricter & overeater if you are:
Someone whose food choices are driven by an end goal such as reaching your target weight, attaining optimum health or meeting your soulmate. You operate your day around being sure to fit your food choices, eating and/or exercise into the chosen plan, diet or regime you currently feel is best. Until you’re caught in a weak moment when you break down and often consume food you are trying to avoid, or large amounts of ‘healthy’ foods used as substitutes for the food you really want.

What it reveals about you…
You are on a mission. Whether it’s to lose weight, get fit, create the best life or perfect career or dream soulmate, you know where you are going–and you are determined to get there.

Food is a “tool” you work with to get the life you want. You manipulate your eating in order to maintain control in your life–but often without realizing the two are connected. Often times people make admiring comments about your willpower.

However, this leaves you feeling secretly shameful, since you know that privately you break down and binge from time to time. This is even more frustrating, because you know you’re smart and have a lot of great things going for you in life…but for some reason, you can’t seem to get your issues with food handled.

Emotional Eater (11-15 Points)

You’re an emotional eater if you are:
Constantly searching for answers through food. Because you typically believe (perhaps subconsioucly) that the solution begins and ends with food, your search can go on for years, until you find a way of eating that brings you harmony.

What it reveals about you…
The ‘emotional eater’ is usually not a happy person around food because you are frequently in a state of angst about what you’re eating. You tend to oscillate between ‘treating yourself’ and punshing yourself, depending on what is going on in your life, and food is usually the main way to do this.

You desperately want to find a way of eating that brings you harmony, and, because you search outside of yourself for a solution (rather than internally, which is where the situation needs to be addressed), you find youself in yo-yo dieting in your bid to find the “perfect” way.


Perpetual Dieter (6-10 Points)

You’re a perpetual dieter if you are:
Someone who is always looking for the “right” way to eat. Perpetual dieters love to read health books and articles in their quest to find the perfect diet regime.

What it reveals about you…
The ‘perpetual dieter’ is usually not content when it comes to food. You desperately want to be happy (or you say you do) but you spend a good portion of your life and life-force energy wondering what you should be eating and if you could be doing better–or worrying about what you have already eaten and whether it was the best choice after all.

The main issue for the perpetual dieter is the reluctance to tune into your own wisdom. This may play out in other areas of your life, with equally frustrating and debilitating consequences. The world of food is a minefield, and one that you keep trying to navigate even when it stops being fun.


Mindful Muncher (0-5 Points)

You’re a mindful muncher if you are:
Someone who seeks out and indulges in the texture, temperature and sensation of food. You eat slowly and intentionally to embrace the full flavor. Mindful eaters love savoring decadent foods, like fine chocolate, rich desserts, or gourmet cheeses as much as they enjoy the crispness of a salad or crunch of raw vegetables.

What it reveals about you…
You love to engage with what you eat and drink in a deeper and richer way than most people, and when you are eating you feel as if you are doing more than simply that. It’s more of an experience, something that enhances your life.

Even if you feel conflicted about what you are eating, knowing that it may not be good for your health or waistline, you will still love being seduced by it. For the mindful eater, it is all about pleasure and feeling indulged. Because of the attention to the experience of the food, you become aware of having “enough” and being satiated before being full.


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