Binge Eating Quiz: What’s Your Eating Style?

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This quiz will help you identify what your eating style is so you can understand more about what motivates and triggers you around food. With greater awareness, you can get control over your feelings and feel free around food.

When you are shopping for groceries, how likely are you to seek out a specific high-end or “decadent” product (like a fine chocolate bar, a wedge of gourmet cheese, a truffle, etc.), buy it and eat a portion of it at a time over the course of the following week?


When was the last time you had one bite of a favorite tantalizing food, and left it at just one bite? (i.e. a bite of cake or pizza, a few french fries, half a cookie, etc.)


When friends ask you out to join them for a dinner and drinks, how do you typically respond?


What would the person closest to you likely say to describe your eating habits?


Do you have a list of “good” and “bad” foods? If so, how do you behave around “bad” foods?


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