quote-tip "Thanks so much, I love the book and can relate to it so much. Thanks for giving me a solution that i have been trying to find that didn't have to do with going over the past or feeling that i had some kind of mental problem. This is just fantastic, simple, straight forward information that will give a lot of hope to people like myself. I appreciate this book so much."
- Lisa, Australia
quote-tip "Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience to help others. I have had a band relationship with food since I became a teenager. I know I'm not hungry but sometimes I just can't seem to stop myself and I'm usually drawn to high fat/ high sugar foods (although I do enjoy most healthy foods as well)...I have tried savouring my favourite foods and being 'Present' when I'm eating, however, I can only maintain this for so long before my bad habits return and I just seem to go round and round with this issue. Thanks again."
- Emily, United Kingdom
quote-tip "Thank you for your email, and thank you so much for writing your book and sharing your experiences. I'm reading your book this afternoon and as I read it it's as if you are writing about me. You've given me hope. Of course that is mixed with the fear of "what if I try this and fail...again" but amongst the chaos in my head there is a little candle. Thank you!"
- Nic

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- Liz M
quote-tip "I just finished your book. WOW what a whole different approach. I want to start right away. I want to make this work for me. The next few days will be about me working on all the things you have suggested. Yes I’m afraid, I don’t want to fail. But your approach is so different than any I have tried. Here goes... my journey starts now....I have the tools....but must remember, baby steps and not to beat myself up if I slip. Thank you so much....They say when the student is ready the teacher will come..I am so glad I  found your website."
- JoyAnn