me-greenforest-224x300Hi, it’s Chelsea here.

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself, and the question you are probably asking: “Who is Chelsea O’Brien?”

I’m actually a pretty “normal” gal except when it comes to food. After 13 years of disordered eating habits, I went through a point where I decided that I needed to get this part of my life handled. Eating food is a fundamental part of being alive, and if I was going to be forever constrained by it…my future seemed depressing, stifling and bleak.

I won’t bore you with the details, but I was going through a time where I had just moved to a new city. I was in a new relationship, building my business, creating success in my life… and secretly managing an eating disorder for half my life. I had NO IDEA what to try next to feel comfortable with food and appreciate my body. One night I was talking to one of my best friends, and I said, “I am going to figure this out for myself, no matter what it takes”.

Well, it wasn’t exactly quick and easy to “figure it out”. I spent the next few years reading a lot of books, listening to “motivational tapes”, going to workshops, and generally trying out a lot of whacky ideas that I was learning.

The real “break” came when I started reading Geneen Roth’s books and meeting people (particularly women) who had a relationship with food I admired. Not only did they take pleasure in food, but they were healthy and looked great.

I’m talking about ladies who had figured out how to eat with complete delight and enjoy their bodies. Some had recovered from a history of disordered eating, and some had always been this way.

As I learned from these women, I noticed that they did certain things and approached food in certain ways that REALLY didn’t “add up”.

Maybe they would treat themselves daily to exactly the foods they desired… but they seemed to be able to eat less than I feared I would if I ate what I truly desired. Food also didn’t seem like a big deal. It was something that enhanced their overall experience, but didn’t monopolize their attention.

Or they’d talk about diets while rolling their eyes. Setting limitations on “good” and “bad” foods was pointless and defeating, in their opinion.

The more I saw things that “didn’t make sense” actually WORKING, the more I began thinking that I might be on the verge of discovering something big.

To make a long story short, I made rapid progress by learning from these “naturals”, and I took the things I learned from them… tested and refined the ideas into a system… and put it all together for myself.

It’s not my style to brag a lot or tell stories, but the fact is that I have indulged in some of the most decadent foods of my life since I started on this path…and have never felt more in control, fit and fulfilled.

My #1 intention was to find freedom with food. I also secretly hoped I’d magically lose the weight I’d gained from 2 years of binge eating…but didn’t actually believe it was possible if I was indulging in my favorite foods.

To my surprise, for the first time in my life, losing weight became less important as freedom and delight took priority.

One of the things I’ve realized is that looking like a supermodel isn’t going to automatically change your life and make you “happy” on the inside. In fact, if you believe that losing weight will be the answer to all of life’s problems, I’ve got bad news for you.

But I can also tell you that learning how to successfully enjoy food, day or night, in any situation will bring you HUGE benefits…way beyond food, it will reach into other areas of your life.

I have now come to believe something that I think is very important…

If you don’t feel freedom with food, then you’re probably going to walk through life feeling like “trapped”, slighted or unfulfilled. It’s not an easy thing to explain to someone who doesn’t “get it”, but I’ll bet that you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

On the other hand, if you DO know how to indulge in pure delight, you’re going to have an inner confidence and “charisma” that other people can sense.

Why Should You Believe That I Can Help You?

As you already know quite well, there are a lot of people running around trying to convince you that they have all the answers.

Well, unfortunately for you, I don’t have ALL the answers.

But I do believe that I have SOME of the answers (and I think the answers I have are pretty important).

The question you’re probably asking is “Why should I believe what Chelsea says?”.

And my answer to you is that you SHOULDN’T just blindly believe me.

In fact, I would recommend that you approach my materials with a healthy skepticism, and a “scientific” perspective.

I want you to TRY what you learn from me.

Before I tell you about my different books and programs, I want to FIRST tell you that everything I offer comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you don’t get one point of value, I’ll give you a full refund… no questions asked. I’m serious.

Like you, I’m not interested in wasting my time with things that don’t work. I like stuff that gets results. Only after you’ve seen that this stuff is REAL do I want you to “believe” me.

I’m a person, and as a person I have my flaws. But I also think my books and programs are the best in the world, and I stand behind them because it’s what has worked for me when so many other things didn’t. I honestly hope you get a TON of value from them.

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