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Do you beat yourself up for eating too much?
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"go nuts" around sugar?

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  • A simple technique to that gives you control over your cravings
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  • How to bounce back after a binge without guilt-tripping yourself

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quote-tip "I really appreciate you helping me with this problem. I agree with you and realise that it is easier to fall into this bad habit as time goes on and the more often I do it so I must try this 'reprogramming' that you mention. I will read your email again later and I am sure I will take even more from it."
- Pauline
quote-tip "I saw your site and signed up for your emails half-heartedly thinking you couldn't tell me anything i don't know but I've been pleasantly surprised that I'm thinking about things in a new way, thanks to your emails. It's really great to find something new and refreshing that's actually helping."
- Ben

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quote-tip "I like the combination of personal stories with research and stories from others. I like that I can relate to you and feel like I'm not the only one."
- Lindsay T., Greenwich, CT
quote-tip "What you've shared here is sensible, real and practical. It's clear and direct. I find myself considering what I am putting in my mouth in a way I completely ignored before."
- Sandy O., Washington, DC
quote-tip "I have been in a bad place due to my eating habits for many, many years. For the past few months I  have not had the strength to think about getting control. On Thursday I was at my laptop crying out for help when I came across your website. Thank you so much for motivating and encouraging me to get control. Many thanks."
- Jackie